Support Raising Resources


This page will be updated so continue checking back.

Great resources: Support raising verses, notes and an example support letter, some of our stories, Support raising solutions (Steve Shadrach's website),,,,

Training Videos (from Steve Shadrach): 1) Intro, 2) The Phone Call, 3) Building Rapport, 4) Testimony and calling, 5) Transformed life, 6) Ministry Vision, 7) Asking for money, 8) The close, 9) Follow up, 10) First Check & Referrals and 11) Closing.

Books: Viewpoints, Funding Your Ministry, 5 Keys to Raise Your Personal Ministry Support Team, People Raising, Friendraising and The Ask.

Training: Steve Shadrach's Support Raising Boot Camps.

Blogs: peopleraising blog,