So many Christians are terrified of evangelism. We are excited to see people catch the vision for sharing their faith. We'd love to do an evangelism workshop with your church or ministry. If you are interested, e-mail us at and we'll schedule it.

Evangelism Resources Page




Watch people trusting Christ now - Interactive map #1 and #2

Podcasts & blogs - Our evangelism blog & The overflow show (a great resource)

Resources - The "Red Letter Gospel," Evangelism training notes, Breaking through the 4 sound barriers, The 4 Spiritual Laws , The KGP booklet (buy it here, see a video of how to use it here), The testimony worksheet, Mission to America Evangelism training, The Soularium tool (See videos of us using Soularium - video 1 and 2), Short film training and resources (the Vantage tool) (See videos of us using Vantage (video 1, 2 and 3), The Evangelism Coach,, Living Waters resources (Ray Comfort), Evangelism Explosion resources, the "evangecube", Harvest Resources Evangelism tools, Other evangelism training resources, Internet Evangelism resources, the spiritual interest survey.

Witness on-line - Share your faith online here (this is a GREAT Christian site) - Be an "on-line missionary" in your free time. You could also try this 2nd site but CAUTION (!!!) - this second site is not a Christian site. It is a great place to practice crossing sound barriers and using different tools but be careful. Use the text option as people can abuse the video option on this site in crass ways.

Books - Tactics (Gregory Koukl), The Fuel and the Flame (Steve Shadrach), Master Plan of Evangelsim (Robert E. Coleman), The 250 - ideas for reaching your campus.

Messages - Hell's Best Kept Secret (Ray Comfort), How to fearlessly bring Christ into any conversation, Revival, Good News vs. Bad Lies, Preparing and sharing your testimony

More Videos - Sharing the gospel for the first time, A famous atheist challenges you to witness (Click here if that doesn't work), Ray Comfort videos, Our Youtube channel (please subscribe)

Visit our discipleship resources page for info on what to do after you lead someone to Christ.