Apologetics resources


This page will be updated so continue checking back.

Great resources: signs of false teachers and teachings, apologeticsindex.org, RZIM (Ravi Zacharias' ministry), Summit ministries (get training), apologetics.com, CARM, Reasonable faith (William Lane Craig), Stand to Reason (Greg Koukl), Josh.org (Josh McDowell) and Apprising.org.

Other religions: Worldview chart, Jehova's witnesses, Mormonism, Islam, Bahai, Wicca, New Age and others.

Creation and Evolution: intelligentdesign.org, answersingenesis.org and our notes & MP3.

Social issues: Abortion facts, Family issue, Homosexuality notes and Exodus international.

Denominational extremes: Calvanism, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventists and Catholicism.

Emergent church: Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, etc.

"New Wave" movement: When evaluating any special revelations or manifestations, check scripture, then ask what is the Biblical precedent for this "sign," what's been the historical context and what is the fruit it produces? If you can't answer those questions with all yeses then you should doubt the sign. Check more here: TACF pastor confession, gem stones exposed (glen smith, Dennis Rojas), angel feathers, gold teeth and dust, Patricia King, John Crowder and Todd Bentley (note as if his theology wasn't bad enough, he has also had an affair and divorce since this article).